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Soles and heels


  • Giamaica elastico
  • Pastisol KG
  • Tingipelle


  • Gibrafill
  • Finicolor super
  • Colortac
  • Rubino


  • Colorthunit
  • Colorsint

GIAMAICA ELASTICO Liquid product for finishing smoothed leather soles, gives a uniform effect, very bright, with a transparent glossy effect and a high resistence to flexions. For a more shiny and transparent effect you can use also COLORFLEK. Opposite for a more covering effect you can use ZIPO.
PASTISOL-KG Creamy pigment for finishing smoothed leather soles by hand with a handcrafted final effect.
TINGIPELLE Dye product with high absorbing power for smoothed leather soles or full grain soles. The product, after brushing gives a pleasant bright effect.

APPLY by spray, by sponge mostly PASTISOL or by specific roller machines for soles. After around 10-15 minutes you can brush by CERASTEIN 11-11 with cloth brush and then by CARNAUBA 100 o CERA BRILLANTE with woollen brush (800-1000 rpm).

GIRBAFILL Filler for leather and masonite heels. The product has the function of harden, protect and levelling the surface allowing next sanding and a perfect finishing. GIrbafill gives also a first deep coloring effect.
FINICOLOR SUPER Product for finishing leather and masonite heels, by fast and 

easy job, it gives a very high brillance and uniform effect. Available version TRASPARENTE and COPRENTE for a transparent or covering effect depending if you want to see or hide lines of material. For a even higher covering effect you can try COLORTAC or RUBINO.

APPLY Girbafill by sponge or brush after a first strong sanding (grana 110). After a fast drying time (around 5 min) we suggest to finaly sanding again (grana 180-220). Apply FINICOLOR (or COLORTAC, or RUBINO) by sponge or by brush. After drying time (arund 10 min) finish by CERASTEIN 11-11 with cloth brush and than by CARNAUBA 100 or CERA BRILLANTE with a wooleen brush (800-1000 rpm).

COLORTHUNIT Product for a covering finishing and a high brightness of heels and edges of soles made by thunit and microlite.
COLORSINT Product for a covering finishing and a high brightness of soles made by thunit, microlite or other synthetic materials.

APPLY by spray (3/4 atm) uniformly. Drying time is around 5 minutes.