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Clicking Cutting Board (RIMIPLAST)

Clicking cutting boards are essential tools in the footwear industry, and RIMIPLAST offers some of the best solutions for precise and efficient cutting. These boards are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of cutting various materials used in shoe production, such as leather, fabric, and synthetics. RIMIPLAST’s clicking cutting boards provide a durable and reliable surface, ensuring clean and accurate cuts every time, which is vital for maintaining the high quality of footwear products.

In the highly competitive footwear industry, the efficiency and precision of material cutting can significantly impact productivity and overall product quality. RIMIPLAST clicking cutting boards are engineered to enhance the cutting process by reducing wear and tear on cutting dies and minimizing material waste. This not only optimizes production efficiency but also contributes to cost savings, allowing manufacturers to deliver better products to market faster and more affordably.RIMIPLAST’s commitment to quality and innovation makes their clicking cutting boards a preferred choice for professionals in the footwear industry.

industry professionals. These boards are designed for longevity, offering a consistent performance that supports sustainable manufacturing practices. By investing in RIMIPLAST clicking cutting boards, footwear manufacturers can improve their production processes, reduce their environmental impact, and meet the growing demand for high-quality, sustainable footwear products.



This product is available in natural, red brown and green colours for different cutting necessities
It’s available in sreveral size:
900×480, 1000×500, 900×500, 1200×500, 2000×750, 600×300, 750×350 ecc.
Our cutting boards are produced uniquely with first quality material and they are products CEE.
They are very indicated to cut soft material as leather,rubbers,foam plastics ecc.
Thanks to the first quality material they guarantee long use

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