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Fine Calcium Carbonate Powder

Reprocessed Plastic Granules

Footwear industry

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About Company

SS Chemical incorporated by a group of engineers of with a mission of developing & manufacturing of specialty Minerals through indigenous research & application based technology for next millennium. In interaction with premier institutions of India, the company has developed a technology of its own class to give best shape, size and narrow cuts. The filler produced impart higher filler produced impart higher filler loading, better & effective dispersion in various applications.

Quality Assurance:

SS Chemical Group dedicated to avail consistent best quality with narrow particle size distribution, almost round shaped particles with better flow  characteristics. These qualities have resulted in improving surface finish of the end product, provides better mechanical strength  and reduction in consumption of basic additives required in the process.

The improved shape of particles is suppose to produce less friction in processing machinery which ultimately results in enhancing the life of the equipment.

As our prime motto is to serve quality products & micronized material to our clients with consistent quality and carried under the own resting facilities which monitor the quality regularly.


  • Our product has sharp cuts, lower average particle size, large surface area, and better surface finish.
  • Our product has lower lubricants demand and low water carrying.
  • Our product has smooth & rounded edges while other fillers has sharp & jagged edges.
  • Due to its evenly distributed & closely packed particle its enhanced flow properties.

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