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Spray finishing products play a crucial role in the footwear industry, enhancing both the aesthetic and tactile qualities of leather shoes. MORBILUX is a water-based polishing spray that provides a high-shining effect and a pleasant, silky touch to leather surfaces. This product ensures that footwear not only looks visually appealing but also feels luxurious. It’s an excellent choice for brands aiming to deliver a high-end finish on their leather products.

APPRETTO-11 and GIRBAPOLISH-1 are also water-based polishing solutions tailored for different needs. APPRETTO-11 is designed to close the porosity of leather, providing a high-shining effect on the surface, perfect for creating a polished and professional look. GIRBAPOLISH-1, on the other hand, offers a natural shine suitable for all kinds of smooth leather. These products ensure that footwear manufacturers can achieve the desired finish while maintaining the natural characteristics of the leather.

For specific applications, LEDERPOLISH-04 and VALUX offer unique benefits. LEDERPOLISH-04, with selected waxes, is ideal for hand applications and requires brushing with CARNAUBA 100 or CARNAUBA N to achieve the final shiny effect. VALUX, a solvent-based polishing solution, provides a very high shiny effect and a soft touch with a fast drying time. It can be applied by spray or hand, and the shiny effect can be enhanced by brushing with CARNAUBA waxes using a woollen brush (800-900 rpm). These products allow for precise and efficient finishing, essential for producing high-quality footwear.

INGRASSO LIQUIDO and VERNILUX are tailored for specific leather treatments. INGRASSO LIQUIDO gives a soft and greasy touch to leather without altering previous finishes, making it perfect for maintaining the integrity of the shoe’s look and feel. VERNILUX is designed for patent leather, effectively cleaning and providing a final shiny effect while preventing dirt and removing fingerprints. Applying VERNILUX with a cotton ball or cloth ensures a pristine, glossy finish, essential for patent leather footwear.

For reviving and equalizing nabuk and suede, RAVVIVANT and NABUK INGRASSATO are ideal choices. RAVVIVANT not only revives and equalizes nabuk and suede leather but also imparts a soft, elegant effect with a pleasant perfume, highlighting the unique writing effect of nabuk hair. NABUK INGRASSATO offers an oiled touch, enhancing the texture and appearance of nabuk and suede uppers. Applied by spray (3/4 atm) before packaging, it ensures the fragrance is retained inside the box, providing a delightful unboxing experience for customers.

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