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Shoe Finishing Creames

Shoe finishing creams are vital in the footwear industry, providing the final touch that enhances the appearance and longevity of shoes. These creams offer a protective layer that shields the footwear from environmental elements, ensuring that shoes remain polished and presentable. By using high-quality shoe finishing creams, manufacturers and consumers alike can maintain the aesthetic appeal and durability of their footwear, making it a staple in the industry.

In the competitive landscape of the footwear industry, the right shoe finishing cream can set a brand apart. These creams not only enhance the shine and color of the shoes but also provide nourishment to the leather, preventing cracks and extending the life of the footwear. This added value is crucial for brands aiming to offer premium products that attract discerning customers who prioritize both style and substance in their footwear choices.

The use of eco-friendly shoe finishing creams is also gaining traction in the footwear industry, aligning with the growing consumer demand for sustainable products. These creams are formulated with natural ingredients that are gentle on the environment while delivering superior performance. By integrating eco-friendly shoe finishing creams into their production process, footwear manufacturers can meet sustainability goals without compromising on quality, thus appealing to a broader market of environmentally conscious consumers.



Self-shining:ORION self-shining cream, giving a high glossy look to every kind of smooth leather.
MIRA is the self shining cream most easy to apply, no risk of stripes effect and helps to have an homogeneous application.APPLY by sponge uniformly on the whole upper. Let it dry for around 3 minutes and then, to increase the glossy effect polish by woollen brush and CARNAUBA 100 (800-900 rpm).
Top coat:MOBLAK is a brushable cream, gives a high level natural shining to the leather and, specially for black color, improves the depth of the color
NEXIS is a soft cream specific for an easy application. It’s suitable for every kind of smooth leather and gives a natural shining and a silky soft touch to the uppers of the shoes.
LUXOR is a cream extremely rich on waxes and natural materials, gives to the leather a very soft touch and after brushing also a high shiny effect.
Base coat:VEGA is a brushable cream specific to close leather pores and gives a homogeneous color. This cream is specific for the first coat, its effect is long-lasting and resistant. After brushing gives to the leather a medium shiny level. The cream is also suggested for antique effects.
MALINCA gives to the leather a good homogeneous effect of the color and a nice soft touch. It’s a cream specific for the base coating and gives a shiny result without changing the original characteristics of the leather.
SIVIGLIA is a cream with very easy application and fast drying time. Specific for the base coating due to the high effect to close the leather pores and protect the surface.APPLY by sponge uniformly on the whole upper, let it dry for around 3-4 minutes and then polish by cotton brush and CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA. After the first brusing, to increase the glossy effect polish by woollen brush and CARNAUBA 100 (800-900 rpm).

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