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Carnauba 100, a mix of natural and synthetic waxes, is essential for achieving a marked shiny and pleasant touch on uppers, soles, and heels in the footwear industry. This wax ensures a durable, high-gloss finish that enhances the overall quality of shoes. By applying Carnauba 100 with a woollen brush (800-1000 rpm), manufacturers can achieve a professional and uniform shine, making it a preferred choice for premium footwear products.


For those seeking an all-natural solution, Carnauba N, made entirely of natural waxes, provides a very shiny effect and an excellent touch. This wax is perfect for eco-conscious brands in the footwear industry, offering a sustainable option without compromising on quality. Carnauba N enhances the visual and tactile qualities of leather footwear, ensuring a superior glossy finish. When applied correctly, it meets the industry’s high standards for both aesthetics and performance.

Specialty waxes like CERA BRILLANTE, CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA, and CERA ANTICANTE cater to specific needs within the footwear industry. CERA BRILLANTE, a special synthetic wax, provides a good and uniform shine specifically for heels and soles. CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA is recommended after using brushable creams to close the porosity of natural leather and enhance the properties of creams. CERA ANTICANTE is designed for creating burnishing effects on leather, adding a unique and distinguished finish. Each wax, when applied using the appropriate tools and techniques, ensures that every part of the shoe looks impeccable and professional.

For removing imperfections, CERASTEIN 11-11, a very abrasive wax, is particularly suggested for soles and heels. It effectively removes the peach fuzz of leather and all imperfections and porosities. GIRBAWAX 500, a medium-soft wax, gives brilliance and uniform color to soles and heels made by leather, masonite, or thunit. Available in many colors, it can be applied with a cloth brush (800-900 rpm) for an even finish.

DIAMOND wax, packaged in a metallic container, achieves very high brilliance levels, offering a glossy and mirror effect. Applied by hand with a cotton cloth and some drops of water, it provides a luxurious finish after repeated applications and circular massaging of the leather surface. This ensures a top-tier appearance for high-end footwear.

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