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Dying products are essential in the footwear industry for enhancing the appearance and durability of leather and synthetic materials. TINGIPELLE is a versatile dye product that provides high penetration and an aniline effect, making it suitable for various materials including chrome-tanned and veg-tanned leather, wood, cork, and synthetics. It maintains the visible characteristics of the material, offering a transparent and uniform finish. By brushing, TINGIPELLE achieves a medium-high and persistent shine, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the footwear.

For crust leather, COLORPEL is an excellent dye product that offers high penetration and a bright effect without the solvent smell of other dyes. It provides vivid colors and is ideal for handcrafted works on crust leather. This product ensures a bright and uniform finish, making it perfect for high-quality, artisan footwear. Applying COLORPEL by sponge, pad, brush, spray, or dipping ensures flexibility in achieving the desired look. Once dried, the leather can be brushed with CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA or CARNAUBA 100 for an added brilliance.

TINGILEDER is an alcohol-based dye that delivers very bright color effects with a transparent, “aniline style” finish that does not cover the natural veinings of leather surfaces. This product is ideal for those seeking to enhance the natural beauty of leather while adding a vibrant color. TINGILEDER can be applied using various methods such as sponge, pad, brush, spray, or dipping, with a quick drying time of around five minutes. After drying, brushing with CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA or CARNAUBA 100 can enhance the brilliance of the finish.

For a creamy and covering effect, COLORCRUST is a perfect choice. This eco-friendly product is free from solvents and dangerous raw materials, making it safe for hand applications. COLORCRUST is applied by sponge, cloth, or brush, delivering a high covering effect with a bright and permanent finish. After a drying time of around 15 minutes, the surface can be brushed to remove any excess pigments, ensuring a smooth and uniform look.

Lastly, FARBEN offers a totally covering dye product with high seizing power, ideal for repairing and retouching damaged uppers. This fast-drying product can be applied by brush for small defects or by spray for larger surfaces. With a drying time of just two minutes, FARBEN provides an already shiny effect that does not require further brushing, making it an efficient solution for maintaining the appearance of footwear.

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